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About Us

Founded in Montreal in 2005, Xavier Bougot and Olivier Botz founded FMX Solutions with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Over the last 19 years, FMX has extended services throughout North America. We are devoted to delivering innovative IT Service Management(ITSM) and Enterprise Service Management(ESM) solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients. At FMX, we care about your organization and pride ourselves on gaining a deep understanding of each company’s unique needs and goals. Our journey has been one of sustained growth, and we look forward to forging ahead as the future of technology and business continues to evolve and change. 

Our Mission

Deliver best-in-class services and solutions with our customers, employees and partners' success in mind. 

Our Values

People First



Excellence in Delivery

Meet our Executive Team 

Xavier Bougot

CEO and Co-Founder

Xavier is really proud to have worked with a dynamic and dedicated team during all these years. He particularly appreciates the trust his colleagues have placed in him since the creation of FMX. Likewise, his exchanges with the company's customers and partners allow him to learn about new, innovative, and inspiring sectors of activity every day. In addition to his professional commitments, Xavier is passionate about travel and loves discovering the world with his family who also grew up with FMX. When he's not in the family kitchen creating new dishes, and after marathons and soccer, he recently took up scuba diving (much to the dismay of his cats which have to stay at home!).

Olivier Botz

Head of Engineering and Research & Development and Co-Founder

Olivier is a driver of innovation at FMX Solutions. He enjoys exploring new methods and tools and is passionate about implementing high-quality and lasting solutions for clients. During his free time, Olivier finds solace in nature, participating in various endurance sports like ultra-trail running, long-distance triathlons, open-water swimming, and cross-country skiing. He has a deep appreciation for music, with jazz and funk being his favorite genres.

Tia Holcomb

VP of Operations

Tia believes that understanding clients' needs is crucial to delivering implementations that add value to their organizations. She enjoys collaborating with FMX’s continuously expanding team and believes that the diverse strengths and qualities possessed by team members contribute greatly to the strengths of the company. In her free time, Tia enjoys harvesting fresh produce from her garden and cooking delicious and healthy meals for her family. In addition, Tia took up watercolor painting with her niece and it has become a growing hobby and passion.

Jack Reeder

Director of EasyVista Product Strategy

Jack has a passion for inventing effective solutions for challenging requirements that change how people work. When not in the office he focuses his passion on family outings, building and piloting full-size experimental aircraft, personally renovating his 1954 home, mowing the lawn faster and catching up to Xavier in a 12K run. Oh, and sharing his awesome cat Theo with his wife and three daughters.

Careers at FMX

We believe in fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and growth. Joining our dynamic team means embracing exciting challenges, pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and making a real impact in the world of technology. With a rich history of success and a commitment to employee development, FMX Solutions offers a nurturing environment where all ideas and people are valued.

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