Introduction to EasyVista

EasyVista is a streamlined ITSM Solution that elevates the IT of organizations to deliver exceptional services and support all while enhancing user experiences. With EasyVista, IT teams can simplify complex processes, automate routine tasks, and improve overall service delivery. The intuitive no-code interface and user-friendly features make it simple for both IT professionals and end-users to navigate the system. 

FMX Solutions has been a Value Added Reseller of EasyVista for 14 years and has unmatched experience with their end-to-end IT solutions. With pre-packaged EasyStart Offerings, FMX Solutions quickly gets clients up and running (and at a low cost). Plus, with FMX Solutions' Managed Services team, FMX can update, monitor, and maintain current EasyVista implementations on behalf of clients.

EasyVista was recognized in the new 2023 Gartner® Market Guide™ for IT Service Management Platforms and was prominently featured in the 2023 Spark Matrix for IT Service Management Platforms.

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EV Service Manager

Service Manager is a proven ITSM software with the sophistication to support the most complex ITIL requirements — but with the simplicity, agility, and mobility required to make ITSM easy to use and deliver.

EV Reach

EV Reach's process automation technology and remote support access solutions will enable support agents to have a comprehensive and exhaustive end-to-end view of all IT services from infrastructure to endpoints while providing the ability to fix issues proactively before they have a chance to impact the business.

EV Observe

EV Observe is a monitoring platform for network, IoT, IT infrastructure, cloud, and application monitoring that delivers an end-to-end service experience.

EV Self Help

Self Help is an intelligent knowledge management platform that makes it easy to automate answers for employees and customers.

FMX Solutions Service Apps

Reservation Center

Reservation Center streamlines the loaner process, ensuring efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cost reduction. Users can easily place reservation requests through the end user portal, specifying start and end dates and selecting from available devices. It's a simple and seamless process for all involved. With Reservation Center loaner management becomes accessible from any device or computer. 

Mobile Technician App

FMX has developed two Apps to enhance the efficiency of technicians in the field. Each app allows the mobile workforce to perform their daily activities in real-time on their mobile device quickly and effectively. The result is faster resolution and fulfillment rates, lower cost and increased customer satisfaction. The Standard and Pro Apps are customizable to the specific needs of your resolver teams.

Standard Mobile Tech App

  • Create incidents and requests
  • View technicians’ tasks (assigned to them)
  • View technicians’ group tasks (unassigned tasks)
  • Ability to complete a "Task" assigned to them or their group(s)

Pro Mobile Tech App

  • All of the Standard Tech App features plus:
  • Update details of a task assigned to them
  • Reassign their task to someone else or a group
  • Grab a task from the group queue and move to
  • their queue
  • Transfer (escalate) tasks to another group or person
  • Log activity (notes) against a ticket
  • Create related tasks to help resolve their task
  • View and update assets (user, location, etc.)

ezApp Barcode Scanner and EasyVista App-switcher

ezApp is an iOS and Android app for smartphones and tablets allowing barcode scanning directly into online applications such as EasyVista Service Apps. ezApp increases productivity for those in the field and reduces the devices needed by eliminating the need for a laptop and barcode scanner. 

Contextual Apps

Enhance the functionality of Service Manager with quick and efficient contextual apps that are easily accessible from tickets and many forms in Service Engine to boost productivity. All contextual apps can be customized to meet the needs of the business. 

  • Print Me / Print this Ticket: Need to print a ticket from within EasyVista Service Engine? Print Me provides the easiest experience and fastest method to get that ticket on paper. 
  • Action View: View all the important action activities for a ticket in one consolidated flyout window.
  • Group Find: Quickly look up all the groups a user or technician belongs to. Aids in accurately escalating tickets. 
  • MI and CR-Major Incidents and Changes: Get a quick look at all the open Major Incidents and ongoing Change Requests without leaving the current ticket. 
  • Recipient Info: See important data related to the ticket's recipient without leaving the ticket. 
  • Asset Updater: Our signature Asset Updater app can also be accessed from within tickets and other forms in Service Engine. Makes quick work of updating assets in real-time without the need to leave the current ticket or record. See our Asset Updater page for more details. 

Transform your business with EasyVista

"I would consider FMX Solutions to be the premier partner to work with when you are looking to implement the EasyVista solution. We have worked with FMX Solutions for approximately 8 years and they are professional, knowledgeable and efficient. They don’t nickel and dime you for every question or task that you may ask them about that may be outside the realm of the work that they are contracted to do for you. FMX enabled us to get the most value out of the EasyVista solution and they continue to do so to this day. They have enabled us to look forward and they continue to work with us to customize the EasyVista Solution to ensure that it is as useful, responsible and as intuitive as possible for our users. "

- FMX Solutions Client

“Partnering with FMX was a fantastic business decision. FMX resources have mastered the challenging nuances associated with the many options for EasyVista implementation. Based on their knowledge and years of hands on experience, they have identified best practices that benefit all users. Working with FMX, we have found implementing new modules, or adding new functionality, takes far less time. FMX’s mentoring and sound recommendations have truly paid off allowing our support teams to better serve the faculty, staff and students at Creighton University. I see FMX playing a strong supporting role as we mature our use of EasyVista over the next several years!”

- Creighton University