Application Services

FMX Solutions Application Services

Our Application Services include the selection of the IT Service Management Solution or Enterprise Service Management Solution that is right for your business. FMX takes the time to learn your requirements from your ITSM-ESM Platform, including the timeline the implementation needs to take place in and your budget. After implementation, there is extensive product testing and your administrators are trained on the tool for full autonomy.

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Our Application Services Process

  • Review business requirements and processes and best practices to create functional design documentation. This includes documentation of your current state and target solution.
  • Assist with change management activities performed by your organization as these are critical for new platform adoption and customer satisfaction.
  • Foundation training for all stakeholders so that everyone has a clear vision of software features and the potential of the target solution.
  • Design specifications to define business requirements to be applied to the software platform.
  • Administration training to empower your platform administrator while we configure that same platform for optimal knowledge transfer.
  • If on-premises, installation on your infrastructure.
  • Configuration of the documented processes and functionalities.
  • Assistance in testing the configured platform including test case design, test users training and assistance during the test period(s) and adjustments.
  • Training for your back-office users (train the trainer or direct training).
  • Deployment on your Production environment and assistance with Go-Live activities to ensure a smooth adoption process by all users.

Solutions Supported