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5 Benefits of Managed Services for Enterprise Service Management



Managed Services


Global economy is constantly evolving and businesses need innovative ways to boost efficiency and lower costs. Engineers and administrators are hired to provide value to an organization, but what if most of their time is spent fighting fires? How does this align with their intended value? What if there was a way to save money, reduce overhead, and increase productivity?

Imagine having 20 staff members magically freed up to work on your business priorities in 30 days. That’s 3,200 hours per month returned to your business, for the price of a handful of employees. Whether through automation, AI incorporation, or continuous improvement projects, these critical components often fall by the wayside as core teams spend most of their time fixing, fine-tuning, patching, monitoring, administering, and maintaining an environment that should be working for them. It’s time to work smarter, not harder, and find a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

What are Managed Services?

By trusting a partner to maintain, advise, and guide the back-end details of your enterprise service management (ESM) tool – whether it be for IT service management (ITSM), human resources, finance, or another specialized use case – it empowers your core teams to focus on what matters most for your business. No more worrying about dotting i’s and crossing t’s, your management partner’s got your back.

In traditional third-party support models, a partner is only called in to fix something once an organization detects a problem. For example, Company A experiences a sudden period of downtime and calls a third-party IT service provider to diagnose and resolve the issue. The IT service provider only supports Company A when directly asked for help. This is reactive approach to ESM referred to as the break/fix model, or on-demand outsourcing.

Had Company A instead utilized managed services to support their ESM, their MSP could have proactively detected and resolved the issue to minimize, or even fully prevent the outage.

5 Key Benefits of Managed Services of Enterprise Service Management

Proactive Monitoring - With an MSP managing your ESM platform, their hands-on exposure and industry experience enable them to detect hidden threats that would have otherwise been missed and require a Break/Fix response with a third-party.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) - Go beyond just Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and take advantage of partnership agreements that ensure both the services required and the expected level of service are met.

Minimize Downtime - When the team managing your ESM is also the team resolving any issues, businesses benefit from a faster time-to-resolution than alternative third-party resolution methods like Break/Fix or On-Demand Outsourcing.

Reliable and Consistent Pricing - Most MSPs offer their services through a yearly subscription-based model. With an agreed-upon regular payment, there are no hidden fees or spikes in billing when an incident occurs.

Strategic Growth Enablement - Trusted MSPs like FMX Solutions bring their expert consultants to ensure your ESM is up-to-date on software features and best practices. FMX also provides guidance and strategic planning aligned with your specific IT systems and goals.

Who We Are

At FMX Solutions, our Managed Services team dedicates their time to providing available, reliable, and high-performing services to empower your teams to focus on the high-level initiatives that matter most to your business. By partnering with us, you recapture significant amounts of time for your teams and experience all of the benefits of our experienced specialists looking after your vital business functions and ESM. It’s our mission to make your work easier by empowering your business and teams to achieve their goals.

What We Do

FMX Solutions' Managed Services is a holistic team, offering agile professional services to ensure the availability of your systems and applications. Our highly skilled experts are dedicated to operational excellence, communication, and transparency, providing the highest levels of service and availability. With our cumulative experience and knowledge, we address complex issues with speed and accuracy, digging down to the root cause and resolving issues – permanently.

Our Services

FMX Operate: Manages backend infrastructure and underlying configurations, including upgrades and patching.

FMX Assist: Administers the front end of applications, including user management, access, custom configurations, and more.

These teams can be engaged individually or as part of our comprehensive service, FMX Managed Services, which combines both Operate and Assist as a single flexible-and-manageable service.

Whether you need help with infrastructure management, prefer to retain your infrastructure, or want us to host it in our environment utilizing leading cloud platforms like AWS, we have you covered. If your needs are focused on application administration, FMX Assist will help you maximize your investment.

Why Choose Us

The answer is simple: value. Managed Services with FMX Solutions provides a team of experts dedicated to exceptional skill and service. We care about your organization and pride ourselves on gaining a deep understanding of each company’s unique needs and goals. At FMX Solutions, our team’s expertise and emphasis on responsiveness return valuable time to your staff, allowing them to focus on what matters most.

Get in Touch

Interested in a dedicated team to enhance your operations? Even if you’re not 100% certain Managed Services is right for you, let's talk! Submit a request here and click the ‘Get in touch' button – we’re here to help you thrive.